Aristocani and aristogatti for ironic family portraits
Maria Luisa Bonivento

To have an aristocratic portrait of his four-legged goddess, just send his photograph to love and fantasy art, via S. Marco 18 (tel. 02 / xxxxx).Here, painter Danilo Ria, with great sense of humor, dresses curial, princely or simply bourgeois, dogs and cats, giving them a fun allure of nobility. The paintings (723 euros) have a standard size of 50×60 cm including the frame, which she herself decorates in harmony with the painting. A black frame with gold friezes is perfect for the puppy cat in a 18th-century dress or red persian in a Renaissance costume, a gold leaf with studs, combined with yorkshire dress in spanish and beagle dress. Famous actors and celebrities wanted Daniela Ria to immortalize their animal friends in the expressions that render them. Even Barney, the black Scottish black terrier of President Bush, recently had this honor.