Aristocani and Nobilgatti
Maria Luisa Bonivento

It is a trend to enter with “nonchalance” touches of amusing irony even in the most important and classic interior decorations, to give them dynamism, as a counterpoint in a musical piece. One can get excited about the moment: from a colorful work by Keith Haring, a jubilee box of 50s that is functional, to paintings that make you wonder and amaze. Among these are perfect portrait busts painted by Daniela Ria. At first glance they look like classic family portraits, harmonic shades, well-painted backgrounds, and a certain sketch of time. With the surprise, similar to that of the Red Capucho, when you see the head of the wolf from the robe of your grandmother, you notice that dresses all over, with a sophisticated elegance that emphasizes the noble features, are no longer faced. Less interesting, but expressive music of animals whose eyes look from the canvas with an intense look that seems just human. It is a fortunate idea to put dogs and cats out of style, celebrating their curial or historical royalties, which had their forerunner in the Belgian restorer painter Thierry Poncelet, who used to retrieve old paintings of ancestors, replacing the subject, often not pleasing to the somatic features now. Strangers, with the most familiar traits of the beloved pets or hunting. A “divertissement” that, over time, has developed and has been a success, thanks to the Internet, even beyond national borders, if Daniela Ria is even thought to have portrayed Barney’s portrait, black president Scottish black scottish terrier. You do not have to force the protagonist of the portrait into grueling hours, just snapshot him; From this, the artist will fully grasp the physiognomy of our goodwill, in the expression that makes him unique.