What class that dog framed in uniform

Is Daniela Ria’s Four-legged Idea. The artist, in fact, creates portraits – dimensions 40 cm for 50 or 50 for 60 (with handmade, antique and golden hinges). His target is obviously that of the owners who require the picture of the beloved (but sometimes lazy) animal, the one who remains the most faithful man of man. Typically, they are professionals, business executives, merchants, but there are also actresses, such as Adriana Asti, who commissioned the portrait of her female yorkshire. Curtains and drapes, libraries and ancient texts are therefore the ideal transposition of aristocans dedicated to reading, meditation and even the joy of the pipe and the cigar. “In my intentions there is to give a picture of his aristocrat to a very important aristocrat of Milan,” he revealed the painter between one canvas and another. “We’ll miss it,” he replies. “It’s enough to have a picture of them. It ranges from the big dog like the San Bernardo to the smallest. The dress can be chosen in the favorite period of the Middle Ages of the nineteenth century of the early twentieth century, but always from time to time. And it is chosen according to the nose and look, to the description that the master does. A famous judge who selects dogs for competitions by architect Giuseppe Alessandra has purchased a painting depicting a Neapolitan mastiff in her dresses from the nineteenth century and has enjoyed my works. I would like to contact Marina Ripa of Meana, a convinced animal owner and owner of many carlini ». “The habit identifies them, they assume with it dignity and aristocracy,” the painter recalls, “the cadres enter the lounges as real hosts and, at times, substitute for the master.” Party dedicated to Aristocrats have been organized? “I’m not aware, but it may be,” replicates the animal-painter. “Yes, but I did not make any portraits for him, because it is impossible to photograph and retrieve it, he is never stopped. It’s the usual story, like a shoemaker with broken shoes”. Projects on aristocans? “I would like to send a tribute to Maurizio Costanzo and his wife Maria De Filippl, dedicating their portraits to their dogs. I would like to be invited to the Maurizio Costanzo show and devolve the proceeds, any sales that will result, to the Animal Protection League or to other associations in the industry ».