Vintage portraits, here are the “aristoanimali”
Giusi Di Lauro

Among others, Mike Bongiorno, Adriana Asti and Barbara Bouchet, see their kitten or puppy, finally dressed in “his own”, with nineteenth-century lilies, eighteenth-century cloaks, precious gorgone Vittoriano model. Dressed like this, here is the little Fido to become an “aristocrat”, and the little Kitty becomes a “aristoanimali”. The idea and the fashion were launched by Daniela Ria, a lady of Milan, a passionate animal painter, three years ago, during an exhibition at the “The Scene Servant” antiquarian library. Although, in fact, fashion is now being established. “I’m full of work, it’s a word and a word. To have your own noble portrait you only have to do one thing: send a picture to the lady in the “Arteamoreefantasia” studio in via San Marco, 18. This photo will add the noble forges. With a size of 50 to 60 inches, so easy to locate, says Mrs. Ria.
Before making these portraits, Daniela Ria made trompe-l’oeil, such as fake marbles, fake frescoes, or figurative paintings to represent landscapes, for example. The passion for painting is family: “My father also paint, my son Frederick too, attending the Artistic High School. I’ve always had it, even though I graduated in Political Science”. Her daughter Ilenia, on the other hand, chose to study Psychology, more interested in the portrait of the soul, of course. At Mrs. Ria’s house there are two kittens, Minu and Cipria. Among his clients there are no animal groups, never one of them has complained to her: “I portray dogs and cats in a humorous and friendly way, without ever ridiculing them. It’s an ironic way to look at them. I could not fail to respect them or take away their dignity. So far the lady has made two hundred and three hundred of these aristo-portraits.